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Cancer Interviews

May 26, 2021

Here is the story of former major league baseball pitcher Dave Dravecky, who combined faith and perseverance in a cancer journey that included amputation of his left arm, shoulder and part of his collarbone. His journey continues as a highly-sought public speaker and through his foundation, ...

May 25, 2021

Michelle Stravitz survived triple negative breast cancer, then co-founded, which advocates the inclusion of exercise in the cancer journey. #breastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancer #cancerandexercise

May 24, 2021

Tom Aronson was a caregiver when his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Now he is doing his best to raise awareness of the connection between diabetes and pancreatic cancer. #cancercaregiver #cancerpatientadvocate #cancerfundraiser

May 23, 2021

Not only has Liza Fues twice survived breast cancer, but her journey took place in 1980s and 90s, when the health care community knew far less about curing the disease than it does today. 

Liza underwent a biopsy in 1985.  Doctors knew that her tumor was rather large, so they chose to perform a surgical biopsy,...

May 17, 2021

Dan "Dry Dock" Shockley faced challenges during his 22 years with the U.S. Navy, but nothing like the adversity he overcame when surviving colorectal cancer. #colorectalcancersurvivor #ostomy