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Cancer Interviews

Aug 2, 2021

Xylon van Eyck endured a difficult journey, but he survived Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer.  In addition to a successful career as a broadcaster, he was in excellent health as a competitive cyclist.

However, while vacationing in Thailand, he began vomiting blood.  Upon returning to his native South Africa, first an ulcer was detected, then a biopsy revealed Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Xylon underwent radiation treatment and chemotherapy, but they failed to kill all the cancer cells.  He then needed a second round of chemotherapy, which included a higher dosage, that plus a stem cell transplant.

After all that, Xylan went into remission.  He is extremely appreciative of his life and his health.  Xylan cycles, runs his own successful business and lives next to a game preserve, which sometimes results has wild animals sleeping in his back yard.